Soft Meat  /  Tender Edges
A one night only show curated by Travis John and Sarah Rudledge, in a vacated apartment above a Pizza Shop.
Artists included Ben Aitken, Helen Pallikaros, The Band Presents…, Jaya Fausch, Michael Salerno, The Ryan Sisters, Nabilah Nordin & Nick Modrzewski, Tara O’Conal, Travis John and Sarah Rudledge. 

Lampheads, 2017 (Images 1, 2)
Stills from performance with Helen Pillikaros
Part left over furniture, part lost souls, the Lampheads embody abandoned objects left behind after the tenants move on.

Soft Meat/Tender Edges, 2017 (Image 4)
45 x 30, preprinted cross stitch canvas, thread

Living Room Arch, 2017 (Image 5)
Single channel mapped video, 2min loop
Living Room Arch makes use of a boarded-up doorway to imagine a portal between the vacant living room and the nearby activity of the pizza shop.


Photography / Brent Edwards