Sitting the Pile #2, 6min single channel video

Sitting the Pile #4, 6min single channel video

Bread/Tinsel, single channel video loop

Untitled, single channel video loop

The Pile, 2016
Four channel video loop
Various texts for onsite readings

The Pile is a work emerging from two weeks spent studying and sitting with a mass of dumped rubbish in a Reservoir shopping centre car park. During this time video, text and onsite readings were employed to contemplate the pile as a living abject body that was in a perpetual state of re-write as things were added or removed before the area was eventually cleared and fenced off.  

Photography / Brent Edwards

Text for public readings:


purse brown
white fork plastic
christmas wrapping paper

chipboard 600 by 300
3 drawers, 1 broken, black and white
Coral - multiple pieces, various sizes, white, grey
1 branch, dead
large 3 by 1 by 2 pile of dirt

mattress blue
mattress red
mattress patterned

black couch, in parts
5 doors plus 1
video recorder, VHS
3 vacuums
clothes horse
1 flipper
ugg boots
child’s potty

tv, 2 of
table, 2 of
food waste, approx 40 yellow and black bags
red sports bag
7 pairs of black heels

plastic cups approx 15, in a packet
paint tins 7 to 10
office chairs, various, some broken
toilet cistern, top of
neck pillow, patterned
3 soft bears
1 werewolf
blankets, multiple, patterned, plain

cardboard boxes, multiple sizes
car side mirror
small motorised bike
pillows, multiple, patterned, plain with cases
fake plants
garden waste - hay, sticks

children’s paintings, 4 of
kids school books
trolley, leather, probably vinyl, brown
shopping trolley, 2 of, coles
milk crate
radiator wall heater
car jacks

rice cooker, 3 of
ceiling fan
tarp blue, tarp green
foot heater
mop bucket
various poles
‘A’ frame blackboard
Wheel barrow, no wheels
door curtain with flowers and beads
suitcases, 2 of

large bear - 1 metre long
part of a fence
cylindrical cement pylon, yellow, attached to large chunk of concrete
breakfast cereal
dog bed

study desk
curtains - pink
washing up glove - yellow
shopping catalogues

clock with mechanism removed
pizza box
baby car seat
high chairs, 2 of
flies and a maggot

kitchen chairs
bar stool
toy train
lindt balls
pool liner
work shirt
car parts
work glove

broken chairs
dust pan and brush
corrugated plastic and iron

remote control
handleless broom
cooktop, part of
three 60 litre plastic containers


Copy / slogan 

auto tool
stroke mower
15 bars family pack
john west tuna, chilli
rice bubble ice
6 wine vin copa vino
art craft sale
10 dollar pedigree vital protection
brother at your side
high quality printing
compact, mono
sunstate pool liner
do not open carlton
with a sharp knife
swim seat
lipton peach
active and co. flavour ice tea
safe high chair
safari design
wipe clean
adjustable tray
fold flat
babies r us
tru australian import
full cream milk
zante vacuum cleaner 2200 watts
5.5 litre dust capacity
turbo head brush
coke fanta white king
monothane silver gloss cork timber finish
specialists since 1979
samsung printer
xpress 40c pedastal fan, some assembly required
oscillation, tudor, olay, nec
calvin klein
back refrigerator delivery caution
kmart australia, interference free communication
uniden premium direct caller id
big m chocolate original
brother at your side
on, off
proof of purchase
reef foundation abc plus
coral growth program
plus zero point six
9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
supor intelligent control
fully intelligent electric
pressure cooker
pizza proscuitto
sour cream and cheese
black and decker rice cooker
this end up
stoke furniture
boral final cote tm
dr. oetker ristorante
pizza proscuitto treppy
from baby to kid
multifunctional cot, dreamy mini 85 by 50 centimetres
aqua excel
prouds first aid fabric adhesive dressing
bristol trade premium
1 point 4 kilogram value pack
sanitarium weet-bix
give it a try, citychic
made from recycled
schweppes raspberry
literacy 1 and 2v name: ayan
writing book 48 pages
maths 1 and 2v
lexus lexus lexus lexus lexuslexus lexus lexus lexus lexus
professional premium
live worms
security calippo
raven draught excluder
winged clothes airer
homemaker homemaker
frozen french fries 12 by 1 kilogram
heavy heavy heavy heavy
nec video cassette recorder
vw 24
play stop rewind
breville the kinetix
i don’t
i twist
quality assured
drink bottle blend model number
kingpin motor
power fasteners
forged tough
instant heat 3 in 1
12 month warranty
alien versus predator
mortene fast
huggies bonus
include a bonus
pepsi lamington sponge roll
millers chill, dynamic edge twin pack
extra long life
60 vegetarian cocktail spring rolls
my dog, melbourne, adelaide, perth
crown laser copy paper oil
new even more delicious
lego classic
12 piece hollly dinner set
3d solo oates
blueberry muffins
select 420 gram
roast chicken flavour
dust control mop